Fantasy Trip – Paris

Come 2014, I would love to find myself in Paris for at least two weeks – Ideally, I would like to be there a month because I don’t think you can see what there is to see and do what there is to do in just a week. Unless I didn’t sleep and when I don’t sleep I get really cranky–shhh don’t tell anyone! lol. So, here are the things I would love to do:

You don’t see a movie in Paris without this bridge – I’m not sure what its called yet but I will find out.

Imagine, sitting at a quaint little diner taking a breather after a long day of exploring

Slightly allergic to coffee – but the headache would be worth it

The theater – Preferably La Bohème

These are just some of the things I want to do – Of course I’d love to jet over to Rome for the Coliseum and all that good stuff.

Yes, the above is a map of one of the routes. It’s a 13 hour drive but anything is possible, right?