[Fantasy Trip] Xingping China

There are many places on my list of places to go and CHINA is one on my very long list. I’m not sure where

Image taken by John and Sun Ling

the idea came from to go to China at first but I wrote a book called A LOVER’S WISH that had the two main characters rushing to China since the male’s father was ill. Then I figured why just go to the same big cities? Why not let the characters go somewhere smaller, somewhere not many would even think of? So I hit the internet and my mother’s old, paper encyclopedias and the Toronto Reference Libary and BAM! Xingping came up.

This place from what I can see and from what I’ve been told by students I’ve met from China is a beautiful place. From the fog covered mountains to the Li River and the boats that travel along it. There is just something quite peaceful about this place with all the research I’ve done on it. Actually, with all the research I’ve done one would think I would be completely bored with it and not want anythign to do with Xinping ever again. But that is not the case.  The more I look into the place, the more I want to go. This is one of my fantasy trips. I am aiming for it in five years but who knows what will happen? One day I just might throw my hands in the air and head to the airport with nothing but the clothes on my back, my passport and money.

That’s a scary thought.