I get weak…

I always have these conversations with friends about why I want to travel and why I get so weak and giddy when the discussion of travel comes up. It’s a regular thing. Most of my Jamaican friends think I’m nuts to want to go to places like India or Egypt or Israel. My reason, at least my main reason, have always been the same. My answer to that question first and foremost was, “why not?”

I’m not sure if it is a culture thing but the Jamaican friends I have cannot get my desire to see most places. I even had someone asked, “why do you need to travel?”

The straight truth is my love of travelling came from my love of reading. As a child, I would read everything they put in front of me–from magazines to Hardy Boys and Harlequin romance. Books were my escape from everything in my life back then. Harlequin I started reading at 8 years old. I read about these wealthy men from exotic lands. Sure, I didn’t pay much attention to the naughty bits–I just wanted to know about the countries.

I would read Jules Verne and all these spectacular authors who, for most of the world had gone into the olden age–meaning people stopped reading them because they weren’t ‘hip’ at the time.  I didn’t have a choice. I was brought up in Jamaica and the books we got at the time was the out of style ones.

But reading about magical places always made me happy. Reading about the places The Hardy boys vacationed to and getting into international Espionage, or reading about James Bond in Russia or even Captain Nemo–all these things fuelled my desire to see mysical places and with lush and historical architecture. I haven’t been able to find someone who understood that.

Then there are the many cultures in the world. Sure, I live in Toronto and we have a little village of many different cultures littering our city. From Littly Greek Town to Little India, we have it all. The foods and music and movies and art, and languages–all of it makes for a rich city. But, going to a Holi celebration in downtown Toronto isn’t as mind-blowing as going to one in India. Looking at a picture of the great pyramids does nothing for me–except feeling the need to see them in person. Eating Sushi in Japan, better than what we have in Toronto or anywhere else… And a I told someone a few years ago I was obsessed with going to Cuba. Someone asked me why the need to go there and my answer was simple. I told him “I want to see the sunset from Cuba.” His reply was to tell me the sunset was the same everywhere but travelers, you know what I mean. The sunset is not the same everywhere. There is something special about seeing the sunset from another part of the world–something almost magical.

There is no reason to sit at home when there is so much to see and experience in the world.






The Travel Partner from Hell

We have all seen the movies – a bunch of friends decide to take a trip somewhere and one of them act the fool and get them all in trouble. In movies like “The Hangover” its hilarious to watch. But in real life – not so much. Think about it. You go to a country like Cuba and your stupid friends decide to get you in trouble. You wind up in jail in a communist country.  You could be there for years where the not even the birds could drop their droppings on you. That, my friend is never good for anyone.

What’s the moral of that little speel? The moral is pick who you travel with very carefully. Just because you’re friends with someone doesn’t mean you should travel with them.

Here’s what I mean.

You are a friend with a female who is fun to go partying with. She is loud, outgoing and all that fun stuff. But you wouldn’t want to take such a person to visit the Vatican. Some people you just don’t travel with. It’s nothing to insult anyone. It’s just you have to be safe than sorry.

I guess what I’m trying to say is -I think I said it before- pick who you travel with very carefully. Your trip should not end with you more irritated and stress than when you went. Your trip should not wind up causing an international incident of overly epic proportions. your trip shouldn’t end with you prison and the like.

And please do not travel to most countries by yourself. There is a lady missing in Turkey at the moment after her friend couldn’t travel with her. Please, be safe. Its no offence to a whole country of people but some places are dangerous and is not safe for a foreigner on their own.




Happy New Year

Happy New Year my lovelies. I know it’s a little far into the year but I have been running around like a chicken with her head cut off. Haven’t had a chance to do much travelling because it’s crunch time at school. But I’ve been thinking seriously about the traveling thing and the places I’ve always wanted to go. Here’s a quick list of my top places where I am seriously considering taking off my list until they get their acts together.

The truth is, I travel for enjoyment and there are times when I look through my travel list and I wonder why I want to go to some places. I’m not much of a political person, I am more of a think with my heart most places kind of places.  While I’m not a really big activist, I do try and live my life in a certain, with certain principles.

Indian – While India is a beautiful place (from what I can see in the pictures and from my friends) it’s lovely. The culture is rich and thousands of years old. I mean come on, the Kama Sutra! Who wouldn’t want to visit the place that came up with positions where you have to be a gymnist to perform? But lately (and this is just lately) two women have been gang raped on a bus. One victim was gang raped and beaten then tossed off a moving bus with her friend and left for dead. While her friend survived, she died after doctors couldn’t stop her organs from shutting down. It breaks my heart to see this and I figure until they can get their things together, create laws that will protect everyone, protect women and their rights, that I will remove this country from my list.

Russia – The whole thing about the adoptions and the US is signs of worry for me. Enough said there.

This goes back to what I said before of being safe. But, you can also use your travelling to show things you support and WILL not support. It’s safety and being able to sleep at nights.




Toronto- A To Do – Pt 3

It is not all about the busy things in Toronto. Sure there’s plenty to get lost in but sometimes one needs some peace and quite. Visit the Guild.

Toronto Guild – Photo by Kadian Tracey

The quite, serenity of this place gives you time to think and breathe.  Sit back and stare at the water or walk along the many walk ways leading to different locations in this park.

Cannon at the Guild – Photo by Kadian Tracey

Check out the many different historical artifacts located all throughout this park. From the Cannon, to the amphi-theatre to pieces of buildings carried from all over Canada. This places is just chock full of things that talks about Canada’s history.

Histoyr at the Guild – Photo by Kadian Tracey

History at the Guild – Photo by Kadian Tracey


The Old stage at the Guild – Photo By Kadian Tracey

Having your wedding in Toronto? The Guild is the perfect place to take your pictures! Sure its a drive away from the downtown core but it would be worth the ride. Just pray it doesn’t rain and your pictures will be perfect.

Photo by Kadian Tracey

At the Top of the Guild Bluffs- Photo by Kadian Tracey