About Me

Hello World!

I found myself in a rut after graduating University in the midst of the recession that hit the world as of late. My motto went from “Only the Best is Good Enough” to “My get up and go got up and went and my give a damn is busted.” I wasn’t sure what the problem was–why I’d become the one thing I swore I’d never become. I was stuck in a rut (Again) and writer’s block was driving me insane.  One day, I went for a walk to my local haunt and sat on a park bench wondering why I’d become so crabby and impatient. I mean I’ve always been impatient but it was bad. I came to the conclusion that I needed to find something I love doing and do it.

My name is Kadian and I have this silly dream of travelling.


I would entertain basically any excursion but I am predominantly interested in historical, cultural (including languages) art, and architectural wonders of the world. If you have a pitch for me please email firstofathousandsteps @ gmail.com 

When I’m not tinkering about the internet and day dreaming, I am an author and I have a day job. Welcome, to my First Steps.



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