A Few Days in Cambridge with A

Hello my lovely, lovely readers.

So I know, I’ve been MIA a lot lately and that’s because there has been some stuff happening in my life from deaths in the family to a whole slew of other things.  But I have returneth and I have a few things I wanted to write about. Everyone was going through the winter games (Yay Canada!) and so much focus has been switched to Russia and the whole Ukraine deal that it’s been almost an unpleasant start to the month.  But you know what? I can’t let all that affect me quite yet.

Wings from JUNIORS in Cambridge

Last week I took off from Toronto to go spend some time in Cambridge with my friend A. It may not be vacation to anyone else but that was vacation to me. Correct that, any time I can leave Toronto for more than a day, it’s vacation to me.

It was like old times for us, our college days, without my BFF. But we called her and text her and after a while it was almost like she was there, almost. We listened to music we used to listen to back then and talked about our lives now and in college.  It’s amazing how much you miss someone until you get to spend a few days with them. I hadn’t hung out with A for about five years. Sure, we talked on facebook and texting and phone calls but it’s not the same as if you could lay across your bed while your friend dance around the room to Go Ninja Go Ninja Go by Vanilla Ice (lol). As you can see, we know how to party! We spent the few days driving around the city, hitting up some spots and just having a little bit of fun. I let loose and went to wing and beer night while watching hockey games in an actual pub – those wings *drool and swoons* so good. This place called Juniors was to die for.

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Photo by A – Lonestar

That was good but the last night I was there A took me to Lonestar. She told me it was a cowboy bar and  I was kind of expecting to see more cowboys but only saw one. There’s a story behind that but I don’t know if she wants me to tell it lol. We were escorted to our seat by a waitress even though the little kid inside me was on the ground, rolling around screaming, no no no! I want the cowboy! But I’m a lady. I behaved – besides, I was wearing a dress.

Still I was highly entertained by it. It seems at Lonestar, when it’s a child’s birthday the child become an honorary cowboy, sit on a wooden horse while they scream “ATTENTION! ATTENTION! IT’s (insert child’s name) (insert child’s age here) today!” Then they clap and sing a birthday song to the child. I was enjoying myself clapping. It is fun to watch a little boy with a cowboy hat enjoy his special day.

The food was good – I had a bar-b-que burger with fries because they didn’t cook the fried steak well done and I wasn’t about to take a chance with the little bit of red. If I was going home after then it wouldn’t be bad but I was going to someone else’s house *bites nail*

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Menu from Lonestar – Photo by A

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My drink – Photo by A

So, that’s my little trip away from the city!