EAT PRAY LOVE – My dream!

Here’s what happens when I’m home alone, writer’s block kicking my booty and bored out of my mind. I take up to watching movies I’d never watch in a million years. After

watching Pretty Woman a few years ago, I swore never to watch another Julia Roberts movie.  But guess what? I adore traveling and would love to get up one day and take off for three months to Italy, India and Bali. Or any three foreign destination with no financial repercussion what-so-ever.  To my shock and surprise I actually liked this movie. I liked it so much I blogged about it here. Please check out the review and let me know what you think. Anyways, as I watched this movie, I wonder what would happen if I did what Elizabeth (Played by Julia Roberts) did. She went through a divorce, packed all her shiz into storage, hugged her best friend and got on a plane.  I don’t think she even planned where she would stay because once she got there, that was when she went to this place, in the middle of nowhere trying to rent a place to stay for the time she would be there. But the dream is the same for me.

As I went through this movie I was engulfed in a world of colour, culture and food. Ignore the romance for a while and just focus on taking off, not a care in the world and even if you do have a care in the world, being in a place like Italy would be perfect for me because of the history, architecture, food and the people. The music and the ease about their daily life would be another thing I’d enjoy. It would take away some of the stress of worrying about what tomorrow will bring.




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