Fantasy Trip – Savannah Georgia

Strange right? That I would have a fantasy trip to a place like Savannah Georgia. But when I began writing I started talking to some awesome people and I met one lady that I’ve become extremely close to over the past five years. She lives in Savannah Georgia. That was the first reason I even thought of Georgia but as I researched the place (mostly how I can get a story written out of the trip so it wouldn’t be a complete party fest lol) I began realizing the place is massively historic with some breath-taking places and amazing views.

Image from all posters

Hudson Valley Bed and Breakfast

Forsythe Park – Scott Kublin

Bonaventura Cemetary – Indulgy


Theo Tams – Beyond the Mountain

In the beginning, when the whole Reality TV bubble began growing, Canada had an Idol too – Canadian Idol. It wasn’t that big of a deal over here as it is in the US because, I don’t know why, maybe Canadian’s just don’t dig reality show as much. Whatever the reason, Canadian Idol was discontinued but not before giving us some pretty cool talent. Theo Tams is the one I’ve continued listening to long after Canadian Idol went off air. Why? Well for one, he has a song called “Lazy Lovers” which I dig lol. But in all seriousness, this kid has some talent.  For some reason, after an album with a few very nice singles, Theo Tams went the way of Kalan Porter, Ryan Malcolm, Brian Melo, Ava Avila and Melissa O’Neil. See what I mean? Tell me you just didn’t have to go google all those names – Admit it!

Out of all those Idols, I know a couple of songs by Kalan Porter but Theo’s music has helped me write so many stories, so many tear-jerkers or love scenes. They speak something–Anyways, his album Give it all Away is on repeat when I write.  Anyways, when I started college for the second time (graduated once then had to go back) I met a friend who kept inviting me to go to Brunch with her and her friends. I couldn’t of course because I have no life on weekends. So I kept missing these brunches and the like and all the fun. Then one day she asked “Do you know Theo Tams?” I blinked at her as if she sprouted horns.

“Of course I know Theo Tams!” 

She explained that she knew him and has been trying to get me to brunch with them. I was bummed out–Seriously bummed out!  I was missing all these wonderful Saturday morning meals because I had to work and life just seemed to be slipping by me. I was upset to say the least. I finally gave up on ever getting to the get togethers.

Then finally, we were finish school and I was looking for something to keep me sane during my weeks. She suggested Tuesdays at Velvet with Beyond the Mountain. At first I merely looked at her as if she was nuts then she told me it was Theo’s new band! I was there with bells on!

Here are some pics I took at Velvet on the two nights I’ve attended so far:

My friend just suggested something to me – that maybe I could interview him for this blog so she’s working on getting him for me – The man’s uber busy with a new album in the works and all that good stuff. But if you’re in Toronto on a Tuesday stop by Velvet at Queen and Logan (if you’re taking the bus its at Queen and Carlaw) and walk to the club. It’s free to get in but please buy some goodies to support the cause – they sell amazing food, wing nights, beers, wines so its a good girl’s night out with some awesome music.

The above is my FAVORITE Theo song aside from Undercover Lover and Lazy Lovers lol. This is WAIT FOR YOU.  This song breaks my heart every time I listen to it because its just so beautiful. I sat on an hour long train ride listening to this one song over and over – I know. I’m a mush but I adore this song. Please listen and if you like it, leave a comment here or email it to me and I’ll pass it on to Theo.

Also, please visit Theo’s new band’s website. They have updates and an EP coming this Fall!