My top 5 Vacation spot for the History Buff

#5- Mexico – Teotihuacan – In Mexico – about 30 miles northeast of Mexico City, lies Teotihuacan, a pre-Columbian city filled with breath-taking pyramids. It is also famous for its Multi-family compounds, Avenue of the Dead and murals that have been wonderfully preserved. – wikipedia.

Many believe the city was started in or about 100 BC and was continuously built up to 250 AD with a population of about 125,000. Teotihuacan was probably started as a religious hub.

Teotihuacan is a member of UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cutural Organization

 photo site_0414_0005-260-260-20080528120405_zps8d65e136.jpg photo site_0414_0013-500-281-20121121103501_zps84321563.jpg

#4 – Greece – The Parthenon – Imagine walking in the footsteps of ancient Greeks in the temple on the Athenian Acropolis that was dedicated to Athena. Built around 447 BC, the temple was used to replace another temple once standing in the same spot.

File:The Parthenon in Athens.jpg

#3 – London England – Globe Theatre – As a self-proclaimed Drama Queen – This would be an absolute delight for me. A trip to the Globe Theatre in London England. Why? Globe theatre is where it all began for William Shakespaere after his group Lord Chamberlaine’s Men built the first Globe theatre in 1599.

#2 – Jamaica – Port Royal – Arrg! Port Royal is in the southern part of Jamaica and was originally colonized by the Spanish. Later it was attacked and captured by the English in 1965.  Some believe the reason for this is because of Port Royal’s location – a key position for the island’s security. This destination has it all, pirates, bucaneers, wars! In 1692 a major earthquake brought the most of it crashing down into the harbour. Of course a rebuilding effort was started but that was halted by a devastating fire in 1703.

 photo j01-sign_zpsdc36ffdc.jpg
#1 Windsor/Essex – The Underground Railroad– Canada

This should speak for itself. But for those of you who don’t know why this is on here, it is the route the Slave took running to Freedom. It was easier to get into Canada as Detroit is about 30 minutes West of there. I went to university in Windsor and didn’t have a chance to check it out but I’d sure like to go back one day.

**Pictures for Teotihuacan is from UNESCO

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