Pop! Goes the World and Pinkly Ever After! Fashion Party

AKA:  my night with Lonely Lolitas, Faeries, winged creatures and demons!
A few weeks ago I was somehow invited to this Kpop v. Jpop party night.  I am absentminded and sometimes don’t remember things even when facebook supposedly reminds me. Lets face it, I don’t pay much attention when I’m on facebook. I go on, talk to my sisters, best friend and a couple of other people.  I mean who spends that much time on facebook really focusing? It’s a way to have a little time suck that doesn’t…well shouldn’t…drive you crazy. Needless to say I forgot about it, the first party until I saw other people posting pictures. Yes my friends, that was another *heads desk* moment.  I mean come on, I spent weeks posting my favorite Korean and Japanese Music videos to the group, from Miss A, to Big Bang and from Perfume to Shinwha.  It was a roaring good time. Then again it was around the time I was on exams, and we both know when we are doing exams we tend to forget everything about everything until we’re finished. Then we sit back and make sure we know what day it is. Exams are like going through black holes–you go through those things and you will have no earthly clue where  or when you will end up.
Anyways I’m rambling again so here is my entry.  Our first stop, was for dinner.  We all went to a restaurant call “Korean.” I will give you one guess as to what this restaurant serves. I ordered something I still can’t pronounce but it was yummy.  It was Rice at the bottom, topped with assorted veggies and a sunny side up egg topped with truffles. It was so goooood! I added this red sauce that just made it spicy and tied it all in so go. Everyone else weren’t fans of their meals. Now that I think about it, I think it was called a Bibimbap. Yes, it was call the Bibimbap. Find the recipe by clicking here. This picture was taken before I dug in. I wish I’d remember to take a picture of what it looked like after I finished eating but we were talking and so excited so no after picture.  This is my first time having actual Korean food – which is weird because I’ve always adored the culture. But it would look a tad strange for me to walk into a Korean restaurant and order food considering I’ve never had it. It was funny because when I walked in with my friends people were looking at me with this incredulous look as if they were shocked to see me there. I merely giggle and lift my chopsticks to my mouth with some veggies.
Once we got to the WreckRoom the line up wasn’t that bad. We paid, got in and was instantly greeted by tables after tables of Korean/Japanese jewelry and headpieces. It was like I was a kid in a candy store. I, on purpose, didn’t bring a lot of money because I know me. If I saw pretty things, especially jewelry I would go hog wild! The first table I stopped at didn’t really draw me in but the second table was run by Alice, Dear. I stood at this table, looking around it wondering what the devil am I going to buy without feeling guilty for spending money when I know I shouldn’t be spending money? I wound up buying this beautiful, pink heart shaped ring. I wore it all night and then pouted when I got home and I had to take it off. I stopped to speak with Alice, Dear and found this designer was too cool. I asked if I could take pictures and she happily obliged!

some of Alice, Dear’s goodies

I saw her and just HAD to take a picture of this outfit! So cool!

Dancers at the show!

The performers line up for final bow

She was my absolute favorite! I have a video of her singing and dancing but it will take time for me to figure out how to get it on here.

The lead singer for Amy’s Arms at the show

The guitarist from Amy’s Arms at the show

The bassist from Amy’s Arms at the show

Here are my pictures from my night at Pinkly Ever After! Fashion Party. Yes, it was amazing and I would totally do it again. If you wish to find out more information on Pinkly Ever After events, Message me. I just might be able to hook you up.
Photos in this entry were taken by Kadian Tracey and is copyrighted to Kadian Tracey.

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