My top 5 Vacation spot for the History Buff

#5- Mexico – Teotihuacan – In Mexico – about 30 miles northeast of Mexico City, lies Teotihuacan, a pre-Columbian city filled with breath-taking pyramids. It is also famous for its Multi-family compounds, Avenue of the Dead and murals that have been wonderfully preserved. – wikipedia.

Many believe the city was started in or about 100 BC and was continuously built up to 250 AD with a population of about 125,000. Teotihuacan was probably started as a religious hub.

Teotihuacan is a member of UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cutural Organization

 photo site_0414_0005-260-260-20080528120405_zps8d65e136.jpg photo site_0414_0013-500-281-20121121103501_zps84321563.jpg

#4 – Greece – The Parthenon – Imagine walking in the footsteps of ancient Greeks in the temple on the Athenian Acropolis that was dedicated to Athena. Built around 447 BC, the temple was used to replace another temple once standing in the same spot.

File:The Parthenon in Athens.jpg

#3 – London England – Globe Theatre – As a self-proclaimed Drama Queen – This would be an absolute delight for me. A trip to the Globe Theatre in London England. Why? Globe theatre is where it all began for William Shakespaere after his group Lord Chamberlaine’s Men built the first Globe theatre in 1599.

#2 – Jamaica – Port Royal – Arrg! Port Royal is in the southern part of Jamaica and was originally colonized by the Spanish. Later it was attacked and captured by the English in 1965.  Some believe the reason for this is because of Port Royal’s location – a key position for the island’s security. This destination has it all, pirates, bucaneers, wars! In 1692 a major earthquake brought the most of it crashing down into the harbour. Of course a rebuilding effort was started but that was halted by a devastating fire in 1703.

 photo j01-sign_zpsdc36ffdc.jpg
#1 Windsor/Essex – The Underground Railroad– Canada

This should speak for itself. But for those of you who don’t know why this is on here, it is the route the Slave took running to Freedom. It was easier to get into Canada as Detroit is about 30 minutes West of there. I went to university in Windsor and didn’t have a chance to check it out but I’d sure like to go back one day.

**Pictures for Teotihuacan is from UNESCO


Port Authority – Purgatory

Over the May 10th weekend, my sister in Washington DC had her graduation! I know, my baby sister is officially finished!! But this blog isn’t about that. It’s not even about my 18 hour bus ride to Washington DC from Toronto. This blog is about what happened when I got to Port Authority in New York City.

After about 14 hours, cooped up on a Trail-something or other bus – which made me so irritated because the Megabus wouldn’t let me board with a Greyhound ticket but they put us on this other bus (not a hound) with the most uncomfortable seats known to man. By the time I got off my tailbone was throbbing and sore. We arrived at Port Authority about 6:45am on the Friday morning and aside from a bladder on the point of bursting, a sore tailbone and cramped legs–I was fine.  For those of you who don’t know what Port Authority is, its the major bus terminal in NYC. It has two buildings. Normally one side has arrivals and local buses and the other sides have depatures. At least that was what I thought.

I had an hour between my bus arriving that I would have to wait for the departure of my bus to DC. Anyways, I rushed to the bathroom–did the Pee-pee dance in a long line for ladies until I could finally go. After that I quickly fixed my hair, washed my hands and flashed cold water on my face. I patted it dry with a towel from my purse then grabbed all my bags and crap.

Now the trouble begins. Since it was about 6:45 in the morning, there were no workers in Port Authority. Aside from a random driver, cleaning staff and 2 homeless shelter outreach workers,  I was left to wander Port Authority (both buildings) like a homeless person with my three giant bags and purse.  A man, slurrying his words must have seen I was completely lost, tried helping but he kept telling me something was closed. Did I mention he spoke very horrid English and was sitting on the dirty floor by a departure gate that wasn’t mine?

I muttered thanks to him even I was sure he didn’t understand, and wandered up an escalator, across the promenade upstairs, down another escalator and made a right turn. The corridor I turned into was desolate so I figured that wasn’t the right way. I went back up the escalator, across the promenade I’d crossed mere minutes before and back down the escalator where the drunk guy was still, lounging heavily into the wall. He kept hollering “they closed!” after me while I turned, walking under the escalator, now dragging my massive gym back on the ground because my arms felt as if they were falling off.  This time, I saw a gate with a Canadian Flag and asked the man there taking tickets from a bunch of French students where the gate to Washington DC was.  I was so upset when he told me. To go back up the escalator, walk across the promenade, down the same set of escalators I’d gone down before but this time to go left and down another set of escalators.

I finally found my gate, twenty minutes before the bus was due to depart. Luckily I had Boarding #1 on my ticket and got to get ont he bus first but I was exhausted and sore. All this could have been avoided if they weren’t too cheap to hire at least a few people to man the information booths overnight or earlier in the morning. If they aren’t going to do that they should shut down the station so people don’t show up and left to wander the place like some kind of lost spirit.

I find it terribly inconvenient the driver letting you off has no idea where you’re supposed to go next and you’re expected to find one gate in over 300 different gates in two different buildings.  There was no phone number to call and even after I did call customer service for Greyhound I couldn’t get a hold of someone to talk to and the damn automated voice thing kept giving me the run around.

Save yourself the hassel, stay away from Port Authority after hours. When you plan your trip, make sure you get through Port Authority before dark because once night hits, that place becomes a black hole and purgatory.


Fashion Arts Toronto [Pt. 3] Maasha (Masha)

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another episode of my little trip into Fashion Arts Toronto. This next designer is called Masha (the first A has two little dots over it but I can’t seem to figure out how to put them on it in WordPress. If anyone knows, comment below and let me know). Anyways, this designer dedicated the line to someone they lost. The music for the runway was this really slow, Italian song that just broke my heart.

She seemed to be the only one to use plus size (or slightly plus size) models in her line and this girl looked amazing. She was dressed in this wonderful leather short, with ankle bootes and a see throug, looking piece that extended down at the back in a little tuxedo-esque look. She had bright red hair, thigh tattoo along with an intricate tattoo on her arm that said “Belongs to the Sea.” It was like a breath of fresh air seeing her strut down the runway with more attitude than most of the other girls. I felt proud lol. 

Now onward to the rest of the stuff. If you look really closely, you can see a common theme amongst the pieces. Somewhere on the pieces there is a cross. Now I don’t know why this is but I’m going to assume its to represent that person the designer lost.


This is one of the many male models used in the lines. If you look in the centre of his body you can see the cross I talked about.

This piece actually looked wearable and I’d totally wear it.

This piece actually threw me off a bit. I was always told that the line has to have a common theme. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this piece represent an angel – once again alluding to the person the designer lost.

Yes I need a better cam – but this piece was beautiful.

This ends my three part blogging of my excursion into my first ever fashion show! I hope you enjoy it! I know I did. My feet still hurts about a week later but it was great fun. Would I do it again?? Probably!



Pop! Goes the World and Pinkly Ever After! Fashion Party

AKA:  my night with Lonely Lolitas, Faeries, winged creatures and demons!
A few weeks ago I was somehow invited to this Kpop v. Jpop party night.  I am absentminded and sometimes don’t remember things even when facebook supposedly reminds me. Lets face it, I don’t pay much attention when I’m on facebook. I go on, talk to my sisters, best friend and a couple of other people.  I mean who spends that much time on facebook really focusing? It’s a way to have a little time suck that doesn’t…well shouldn’t…drive you crazy. Needless to say I forgot about it, the first party until I saw other people posting pictures. Yes my friends, that was another *heads desk* moment.  I mean come on, I spent weeks posting my favorite Korean and Japanese Music videos to the group, from Miss A, to Big Bang and from Perfume to Shinwha.  It was a roaring good time. Then again it was around the time I was on exams, and we both know when we are doing exams we tend to forget everything about everything until we’re finished. Then we sit back and make sure we know what day it is. Exams are like going through black holes–you go through those things and you will have no earthly clue where  or when you will end up.
Anyways I’m rambling again so here is my entry.  Our first stop, was for dinner.  We all went to a restaurant call “Korean.” I will give you one guess as to what this restaurant serves. I ordered something I still can’t pronounce but it was yummy.  It was Rice at the bottom, topped with assorted veggies and a sunny side up egg topped with truffles. It was so goooood! I added this red sauce that just made it spicy and tied it all in so go. Everyone else weren’t fans of their meals. Now that I think about it, I think it was called a Bibimbap. Yes, it was call the Bibimbap. Find the recipe by clicking here. This picture was taken before I dug in. I wish I’d remember to take a picture of what it looked like after I finished eating but we were talking and so excited so no after picture.  This is my first time having actual Korean food – which is weird because I’ve always adored the culture. But it would look a tad strange for me to walk into a Korean restaurant and order food considering I’ve never had it. It was funny because when I walked in with my friends people were looking at me with this incredulous look as if they were shocked to see me there. I merely giggle and lift my chopsticks to my mouth with some veggies.
Once we got to the WreckRoom the line up wasn’t that bad. We paid, got in and was instantly greeted by tables after tables of Korean/Japanese jewelry and headpieces. It was like I was a kid in a candy store. I, on purpose, didn’t bring a lot of money because I know me. If I saw pretty things, especially jewelry I would go hog wild! The first table I stopped at didn’t really draw me in but the second table was run by Alice, Dear. I stood at this table, looking around it wondering what the devil am I going to buy without feeling guilty for spending money when I know I shouldn’t be spending money? I wound up buying this beautiful, pink heart shaped ring. I wore it all night and then pouted when I got home and I had to take it off. I stopped to speak with Alice, Dear and found this designer was too cool. I asked if I could take pictures and she happily obliged!

some of Alice, Dear’s goodies

I saw her and just HAD to take a picture of this outfit! So cool!

Dancers at the show!

The performers line up for final bow

She was my absolute favorite! I have a video of her singing and dancing but it will take time for me to figure out how to get it on here.

The lead singer for Amy’s Arms at the show

The guitarist from Amy’s Arms at the show

The bassist from Amy’s Arms at the show

Here are my pictures from my night at Pinkly Ever After! Fashion Party. Yes, it was amazing and I would totally do it again. If you wish to find out more information on Pinkly Ever After events, Message me. I just might be able to hook you up.
Photos in this entry were taken by Kadian Tracey and is copyrighted to Kadian Tracey.