Fashion Arts Toronto [Pt. 1] – Belinda Visage

A wall of posters at the venue

A few years ago, there are things I would never do. I’d never go skinny dipping, snorkeling, pick my nose in public and go to a fashion show. But lately, I seem to be doing a few of those things…I’ve gone snorkeling in Cuba and last night, April 26, 2013, I found myself at a fashion show.

When my friend invited me to go with her to a fashion show – I just about died. I found myself agreeing to this without even thinking about it properly.  I mean, come on. I am the most un-fashionable person on the face of this planet. I still facebook my baby sister and go “what colour goes with this?” I still, go to my mom and ask her what she thought of what I’m wearing. Why? I’m more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl–the baggy shirt, giant pants that are way bigger than I am.

So fashionable? I think not!

I KISS – I keep it simple stupid!

Okay so anyways, I agreed to go. Between the day I said I would attend with her and the actually day I came up with a million reasons to back out of it.

  1. I’ll be too tired after my exams.
  2. I have work the next morning and I so desperately need my beauty sleep.
  3. Fashion wasn’t my thing. I mean, sure I’ve watched America’s Next Top Model every scene since it began and could probably tell you all the winners and all the girls I thought should have won instead, but gimme a baseball game!
  4. I’m going to feel so left out!
  5. The day of the fashion show I had an interview downtown and would hav eto go downtown, go back home then go back downtown!

But alas, by the time it rolled around, I showered, dawned a dress and heels and after stopping to talk to my dad, I was on my way. We went on Friday night of the week long event – The night for FASHION THERAPY.

The lights dimmed, and after the dancers, the Spectacular-ex-gonza began! The first designer to take the runway was Belinda Visage. Here are a few pieces from her collection.


This piece was positively amazing-it closed the line

This is part one of my Fashion Arts Toronto coverage.



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