Fashion Arts Toronto [Pt. 1] – Belinda Visage

A wall of posters at the venue

A few years ago, there are things I would never do. I’d never go skinny dipping, snorkeling, pick my nose in public and go to a fashion show. But lately, I seem to be doing a few of those things…I’ve gone snorkeling in Cuba and last night, April 26, 2013, I found myself at a fashion show.

When my friend invited me to go with her to a fashion show – I just about died. I found myself agreeing to this without even thinking about it properly.  I mean, come on. I am the most un-fashionable person on the face of this planet. I still facebook my baby sister and go “what colour goes with this?” I still, go to my mom and ask her what she thought of what I’m wearing. Why? I’m more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl–the baggy shirt, giant pants that are way bigger than I am.

So fashionable? I think not!

I KISS – I keep it simple stupid!

Okay so anyways, I agreed to go. Between the day I said I would attend with her and the actually day I came up with a million reasons to back out of it.

  1. I’ll be too tired after my exams.
  2. I have work the next morning and I so desperately need my beauty sleep.
  3. Fashion wasn’t my thing. I mean, sure I’ve watched America’s Next Top Model every scene since it began and could probably tell you all the winners and all the girls I thought should have won instead, but gimme a baseball game!
  4. I’m going to feel so left out!
  5. The day of the fashion show I had an interview downtown and would hav eto go downtown, go back home then go back downtown!

But alas, by the time it rolled around, I showered, dawned a dress and heels and after stopping to talk to my dad, I was on my way. We went on Friday night of the week long event – The night for FASHION THERAPY.

The lights dimmed, and after the dancers, the Spectacular-ex-gonza began! The first designer to take the runway was Belinda Visage. Here are a few pieces from her collection.


This piece was positively amazing-it closed the line

This is part one of my Fashion Arts Toronto coverage.




STOMP! Toronto!

http://www.mirvish.com/showsLast week, my mom wanted us to have a mother/daughter night out. I love those because the last time we had one of those was that movie with Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep called Hope Springs and let me tell you–That movie was hilarious! We left the theatre laughing it was so good.

So when she wanted to do another one, I figured, bring it on!

She told me STOMP! was coming back to Toronto and when I checked it was only coming for a week!  Before I go any further, I have to say this. Toronto has a wonderful Theatre culture. Sure it’s not Mumbai or Broadway but it has some plays others are jealous of. If you love seeing a good play, stop by King Street on any given day and hopefully you’ll be able to get a ticket because these shows sell out pretty fast.  But they are available there.

We bought our tickets on line and showed up bright and early. We stopped at FUNE a Japanese Restaurant on Simcoe and Adelaid for dinner. That will come in another post but this place was amazing. Anyways, back to the show.

The down side about is the Royal Alexander Theatre doesn’t have elevators. So if you bought tickets for the upper balcony, you have to climb the Wall of Jerricho to get to your seats. The steps down to your seat is another pain the neck because if you trip there’s no where to go but down. It’s so steep. Once you finally sit you feel as if you lean to far forward you’ll topple over to the audience below you–scary.

But I digress.

The show was amazing. If you ever get a chance to see it, you should. I fell in love with John Sawicki instantly. He was the first person you see on stage and then it grew from there. But he was amazing and engaging. Sometimes I was laughing so hard during the show, I had to cover my mouth and look around to see if anyone was laughing. But I never had an issue because everyone around me were cracking up just as much as I was….the strange thing was? All this funny was coming from gestures and dancing and drumming and facial expressions–there wasn’t really a script!

If you get the chance to see STOMP! No matter where – I promise you, the money you spend to see it will not be a waste!

I’m only sad I could only see it once for it was only here for a week worth of performances!

Amazing night!