The Travel Partner from Hell

We have all seen the movies – a bunch of friends decide to take a trip somewhere and one of them act the fool and get them all in trouble. In movies like “The Hangover” its hilarious to watch. But in real life – not so much. Think about it. You go to a country like Cuba and your stupid friends decide to get you in trouble. You wind up in jail in a communist country.  You could be there for years where the not even the birds could drop their droppings on you. That, my friend is never good for anyone.

What’s the moral of that little speel? The moral is pick who you travel with very carefully. Just because you’re friends with someone doesn’t mean you should travel with them.

Here’s what I mean.

You are a friend with a female who is fun to go partying with. She is loud, outgoing and all that fun stuff. But you wouldn’t want to take such a person to visit the Vatican. Some people you just don’t travel with. It’s nothing to insult anyone. It’s just you have to be safe than sorry.

I guess what I’m trying to say is -I think I said it before- pick who you travel with very carefully. Your trip should not end with you more irritated and stress than when you went. Your trip should not wind up causing an international incident of overly epic proportions. your trip shouldn’t end with you prison and the like.

And please do not travel to most countries by yourself. There is a lady missing in Turkey at the moment after her friend couldn’t travel with her. Please, be safe. Its no offence to a whole country of people but some places are dangerous and is not safe for a foreigner on their own.