New York! New York!

On my way to Bridgeport, I had to get off one bus at New York’s Port Authority and switch to another bus to take me to Bridgeport via White Plains and Stamford.  As the bus glided through Harlem I took some pictures of places that intrigued me.

Harlem Signs – Photo by Kadian Tracey

Oh come on now! This explains itself! – Photo by Kadian Tracey

A Church in Harlem – Photo By Kadian Tracey

When I win the Lottery – I’m living here – photo by Kadian Tracey


On my ill-fated trip to Bridgeport, or rather back from Bridgeport, we had to go through New York via Grand Central Station then Port Authority rather than just through Port Authority. So, my sister and I took some time to check out a little bit of the sights.


The statutes above Grand Central Station – Photo by Kadian Tracey



Broadway – Photo by Kadian Tracey


NYC Taxi – Photo by Kadian Tracey