Fishing in Norfolk County – Port Rowan, Turkey Point

Photo by Kadian Tracey

Visiting Ontario shouldn’t be just about the noise and chaos – you know? The parties, sports games, Olympics etc. Most love visiting places for the peaceful areas of the town or country. For Canada, I find Simcoe offers the best places to just sit back, put your feet up, enjoy a cool beverage and just breathe.

On a road trip taken in August, I had the chance to visit Turkey Point, Port Rowan and Simcoe. The sceneries were breath-taking. We were driving along the road just chilling, listening to music and stopping from time to time to take pictures and peek into places we probably shouldn’t have been in the first place. But still, we carried on, walking down the middle of streets in the middle of the day since these towns are so small, there is little to no traffic at certain times of the day.  We stopped at one roadside place where we saw a man and his son with their fishing lines in the water. So of course we pulled over to see what was happening and what they were looking to catch. The son began rambling off all these different kinds of fish. I was sitting there wide-eyed and amazed!

Norfolk County – Photo By Kadian Tracey

Photo by Kadian Tracey

Photo by Kadian Tracey

Photo by Kadian Tracey


Photo by Kadian Tracey


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