Halloween Is here! Bwahahahaha!

Today is spooky spooky day! So happy Halloween! Before I go into all my cool Halloween goodies please ensure your kids are safe going door to door Tick or treating. Ensure they are with an adult or someone responsible. We want them all home safely.

In keeping with the situation, today’s blog is about places to travel for this specific occassion.  It may sound silly but I would take any opportunity to travel.  Why not halloween?

It probably is a little late to travel for this halloween. But you can keep the suggestions for next year or if you would like to have your very own halloween, this would help with where to go.

According to the Hindustan Times the top five Scary travel destinations are Scotland’s Haunted Castles, Romania (dracula), East London (Jack the Ripper), Amsterdamn (the Torture Museum) and Paris (Phantom of the Opera to the Vampire Cave). How fun?

Romania, we know the story there with count Dracula.

Paris has a dark side! It is hard to see Paris as a place to scare people but it does! This is another reason when I go anywhere I love to just wander around and ask questions to see what I can find.  I did some digging and though I have yet to grace Paris with my fabulous-ness, I found out about the Paris Ghost Tour.  It takes you to ancient grave sites, gives you haunted histories and all that good stuff. How cool! Check out the website.  Do your own research.

Amsterdamn. We all know what this place is known for – fun times. But seriously, it also has a dark side for halloween travellers and boy do they embrace it! To find out more visit the website.

No matter where you chose to go for your fun-times spook-tacular, be safe and have fun!





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