Toronto: A Brief To-Do – Pt 1

Toronto, Ontario Canada has been in the limelight of late, sometimes in a postitive light other times in a not so positive light.  We pride ourself to be the birthplace of the award winning television series FLASHPOINT as well as THE LISTENER and bits of THIRTEEN. We are the backdrop for many hollywood movies, too many to count for Toronto is such a vast place. According to the Toronto website we have 2.7 Million people living here.  Over the past few years the landscape and skyscape of Toronto has changed vastly from skyscrapers rising to the sky to buildings being torn down. From the closure of Sam the Record Man to the closure of the HMV at Yong and Dundas. As sad as it was to see the places go, Yonge and Dundas has been hailed as the Time Squre of Canada.

How to get Around – Quite easy. Toronto has an amazing network of public transportation. From theunderground trains (which are being replaced with brand new trains), to the RT above ground

A Toronto Streetcar – Photo by Kadian Tracey

trains to the buses, to the beautiful–historic streetcars, Toronto can get you moving once you get here.  Paying for these are simple and have a number of options available depending on your length of stay. If you are here for a month, try the TTC Monthly pass. For a week – There is a weekly pass for that and so on. Simply visit one of the subway stations and ask for the different options.

Where to Eat – You can get pizza anywhere. And since Toronto is a very multicultural place, well you can have your choice of anywhere in the world!  Because Toronto is so elaborate when it comes to food with so many choices there is a website  for that! Just click on the link and put in what you’re hungering for in the search field and voila!

Where to Party –  If you want to party then Toronto is chocked full of amazing venues. Richmond St is party central!  But aside from that Toronto has a number of party centrals to enjoy. From Purgatory to The 11th Hour. From Cake Night Club to Sugar Daddies – no matter what your flavour, Toronto has something to soothe your taste buds.  Club Zone Toronto is your one stop shop for all things party.

Where to Stay: If you’ve read the prevous post about Hotel Alternatives, there are plenty of places to chose from. And in a city the size of Toronto, there are more than enough places to stay on a number of different budgets. If you’re intot he five star treatement there is the Hyatt on King St or the Skydome Hotel at the Roger’s Centre over at Front and John. Around that one area are a number of hotels to chose from. If you’re not into that and only need a place to lay your head at nights, there are tons of bed and breakfasts in cute little neighoubourhoods around.


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