Make Travelling Worth It

From the beautiful mountains of Jamaica, to the almost supernatural architecture of Rome we want to see it all. We want to touch the sand on a beach in Spain and kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland–well maybe you don’t want to put your lips on it because so many other people did but you get what I mean.  Sometimes we get so focused on the going, the getting there and the coming back, we forget the why?

© Lidian Neeleman |

Why do you travel?That my friends, is the perfect question.

Sometimes people just travel because they want to. Often time we travel for work, pleasure, adventure or even to make others jealous. But whatever the reason we travel, we have to look into it. Why? To see what we will get out of the trip of course!

Sure we can travel because we want pictures to post on facebook to make all your friends spend hours and hours just pouring through pictures of you holding  up the rock and roll sign, your tongue sticking out of her mouth and your eyes wide with excitement. But that shouldn’t be the only reason you pack a suitcase, book time off work and jet off to some country everyone else has been to.

With that said, you have to make travel worth it.

Think about it.

You spent weeks, perhaps months and if you’re like me, years, planning for a trip.  You probably drove your family and friends batty with your constant talking about it. Maybe you even became a bit of a travel-zilla in the process. You want every last detail perfect down to the kind of fruity drink with little umbrellas you want to sip on. The trip was almost like a second full time job with everything else happening in your life so when you finally step off that plane in your country of choice you have to make every second count!

This is not to say you have to plan every sad, little detail but pick out the big things. Things like, if you’re in Poland you want to go hunting for those little elves hidden around the city. Well maybe not all of them but some.  Or if you’re in Jamaica you want to go see Rose Hall, or in Cuba you want to go eat dinner in the Ambus Mundis Hotel where Ernest Hemmingway stayed on every visit to the country. Plot out the big stuff to drink as much out of your trip as possible.

Planning ahead is a good idea because you don’t know this country–you’re a strangers to the streets. You need maps or a way to get to each of these locations safely. If you spend most of your trip trying to get a cab or finding things to do, places to see, where to eat–it won’t be a very good trip.

So do everything you can to ensure your trip is successful. That way you can make your trip and the money you spent on it worth it.


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