Hotel Alternatives

Travelling is such a wonderful retreat. Whether we love adventure or just a quiet time away, we love getting on a plane, a bus, in a car and just going.  These days, in this economy, we want the most out of our money without it costing an arm and a leg. We want the Taj Mahal at a hostel price–well you know what I mean.

The truth of the matter is, hotels can be crazy expensive.

Sometimes you book your hotel and it cost more than your flight and you think, wow, I just cranked out three grand for a place to stay for three days, paid close to two grand for the flight here and to go home and now I have to find money for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

What gives?

Okay, so this article is to give you a few alternatives to the expense of a hotel.  Hostels will not be included (for now) in this article because that requires more research on my end.

The most obvious alternative is Camping. If you are the outdoor type and you like sleeping in a tent etc, then try this alternative. No, you can’t just set up a tent in the middle of nowhere or anywhere you wish and just go to sleep. You have to find reputable camp sites. I’m not much of a camper myself but you can try this site for information or try the Ontario Camp Site website.

If you are travelling within Ontario, try a bed and breakfast, especially if you’re just staying for a night then hitting the road again the next day. B and B Canada is a good resource to find a bed and breakfast that is licensed.  Personally, I’ve used this website twice, once for my birthday weekend away in June of 2012 with a couple of friends and my sister and once again for my road trip in August with my friend. So far I have yet to be disappointed.

The Bed and Breakfast alternative is inexpensive and they not only give you a bed, but they give you breakfast in the morning and cut down on expenses in that respect.  Try not to stay at one in the centre of town (if you have a car) since those cost more. And as usual, Research the B and B before you book your room(s).

Today, many people have investment properties. Rather than left the property sit and turn to dust or lease the property out, many have the idea to use it as a rental home for vacationers. It’s only a bit cheaper than a hotel and some allows you to cook your own food. I have been doing some research on this alternative and so far I’ve found two really good websites Airnub and Home Away  I have yet to use these sites for my accommodations, but go and look around and make your own decisions.


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