Not all of us can afford the Burj Al Arab hotel. But we all want to stay in a place we can be proud of and take pictures of to show off on facebook. Most of the times we don’t put that much thought in a place to stay when we travel for we believe as long as we have a place to lay our head, everything should be fine. We often assume when we show up it is going to be some grand palace with everything being perfect.

This is not always the case. This is where your research comes in handy.

In today’s day and age where the internet is such a large part of our life, we fail to use it when it counts the most. Travelling is such a big deal and it is often times so expensive that we really should take great care we are getting what we paid for and that we are satisfied with it all.

Your accommodations becomes your home away from home. You have to be comfortable in it. You do not want roaches running around, doors falling off, windows creaking at night in the wind. You especially do not want horrible food – if you chose to go all inclusive.

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Research your accommodation on the internet.  Find out what people are saying. If there are just one or two reviews, find somewhere else. Read through all the reviews carefully and see what other visitors are saying. Sometimes they are being mean but other times it is the truth. If a place has one too many horrid reviews, stay clear of it. So many people couldn’t be incorrect or malicious. Find a place that has a great deal of detailed reviews. People who are serious about reviewing take time to properly write them. Read through as many of them as you can (if not all of them) and pick sense from the nonsense.

Visit the accommodation’s website and poke around. Spend the few dollars it takes to call these places and speak with people.  This will be worth it in the long run.

If you chose a bed and breakfast and you live in Canada, check out Bed and Breakfast Canada this website has a few criterias that I like. One being in order for the B and B to be listed on the site it has to

  • Licensed by municipal or provincial government where applicable

So find out if your province or municipality and there’s require licensing. (I recommend going to a place where their B and B require licensing). This website has maps and tons of information on where you want to go. I would not recommend using a bed and breakfast in another country as their laws and requirements are so different than our own.

Renting Condos seems to be the newest fad and I will be writing on that at some point but please, again, research. There are plenty of people all over the world offering condos for rent for vacation stays. There are also plenty of people out there ripping others off. Be extremely careful. If they ask you to send them a deposit be sure its in a manner easily traceable. One website that helps you find a place to stay is Home Away.  Though I’ve been bumming around this side for about a year now, I have yet to use this website to find a vacation home so I cannot recommend or not recommend. I say go through it, look around and make an educated decision. Do not send cash or your credit card number and pin to anyone if they ask.


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